Update – Proposed Ballot Measure to Restore Affirmative Action in California


According to Wikipedia (corroborated by this San Francisco Chronicle article), “ACA 5 passed the California State Assembly on June 10, 2020, and was approved by the State Senate on June 24. There will now be a fall 2020 ballot proposition asking voters to repeal Proposition 209’s provisions.” Note that the California legislature did NOT decide to repeal Prop 209; instead, it decided to ask voters to decide whether to repeal Prop 209 (because that’s how our government works). If you can vote and you have an opinion about this, make sure you vote in November to make your voice heard.

In California, most laws that pass in November typically go into effect in January. That likely means, IF Prop 209 were to be repealed in November, affirmative action would go into effect January 1, 2021. Most freshman application review and scoring are done between December and January, but final decision-making often occurs toward the end of January or during February; potentially UCs could make adjustments in accordance to any new laws at that time. Most transfer application review and decision-making are done between February and March, which would be entirely within the time frame of any new laws that go into effect.

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According to this LA Times Article (via Yahoo News), the California State Assembly approved a proposal (ACA 5) on Wednesday (June 10, 2020) that will ask voters this November if Prop 209 should be repealed (if affirmative action should be reinstated). California State Senate has until June 25 to ratify ACA 5 for it to be placed on the ballot.

Educate yourself on this issue but expect the information you find to change as the situation morphs.

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