Why Your June 2018 SAT Score was Lower

I heard from couple surprised students and then saw this detailed explanation from Applerouth. Apparently the test was too easy so the curve was really steep.

If you are affected, rework your schedule to prepare for an upcoming test (be realistic about how much time you have and the workload you expect to carry when school starts). This is not going to be the first (and certainly not the last) bump you encounter on the road of life; don’t dwell on the problem and start working on a solution.

In case you are wondering, you are not required to submit the lower score. UCs ask for all scores but do not penalize students who don’t send everything. (I saw a thread on College Confidential a while back debating the validity of this statement. Just so you know, this is quoted, almost verbatim, from UC admission officers. I also used to call the College Board every year to verify score delivery method, because half of the UCs were getting scores on tape drive, and have asked for a detailed explanation of how Score Choice works. There is no alert from College Board to the colleges if a student has used Score Choice and College Board requires student consent to release test scores because otherwise it would be a privacy breach.)

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