Admission Readiness Checkup

Service is available year-round $520 (30-day consultation for one student)

Please review the Testimonials to find out what students and parents said about my services and see for yourself my Success Rate with the students I have counseled.

Please note that the consultation is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee results. Client information remains confidential to the extent allowable by the law.

Not sure if you are on the right path toward successful UC admission? Looking to gain a competitive edge? Wondering how to best spend your time preparing for the UCs? Sign up for my Admission Readiness Checkup service and I will evaluate your academic and extracurricular strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations to help you better prepare for admission to your top choice UC campuses.

As part of the service, you will receive one telephone consultation and an express email address, which will ensure a response to any of your questions and/or issues within 2 calendar days during the 30-day consultation period.

Examples of UC admission preparation tasks included in the service:

Academic Achievement

  • Evaluate academic progress
  • Suggest curriculum add-on or academic enrichment programs
  • Offer solutions to make up for academic deficiencies
  • Provide resources for test preparation
  • Produce an action plan to improve academic achievement

Extracurricular Achievement

  • Evaluate extracurricular participation
  • Suggest potential opportunities for leadership development
  • Recommend competition/scholarship opportunities
  • Offer resources to make up for extracurricular deficiencies
  • Produce an action plan to improve extracurricular achievement

Ready to sign up? Send an email to [email protected] and I will issue a PayPal money request within 48 hours. Upon payment, I will contact you to setup your telephone consultation appointment and assign you an express email address which will ensure a response time within 2 calendar days.