“Decrease” in UC Freshman Applications (Fall 2019)

If you read my earlier post and actually looked at the freshman application numbers, you know this already. But in case you want a summary, here’s what Daily Bruin said about the decrease at UCLA (which is somewhat representative of the numbers at the other UCs):

The number of applications from out-of-state students rose by about 1 percent while the number of California applicants fell by almost 3 percent. The number of international applications also fell by almost 4 percent.

Source: UCLA sees decrease in fall 2019 freshman applications by about 2 percent (January 31, 2019)

I want to caution everyone that UCLA, UCSB and UCSD have directly or inadvertently disclosed massive over-enrollment for Fall 2018 (you can find a brief explanation here), which means large-scale enrollment reduction is slated for Fall 2019. Remember that over-enrollment has long-term effects, lasting four years and more (students usually take at least four years to graduate). Be on guard and make plans accordingly.

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