UC Davis Waitlist Woes (Waitlist Statement Guideline + Resources)

I cannot emphasize enough how you should stop freaking out if you were offered waitlist option by Davis. This is NOT indicative of how competitive you are for admission at other UC campuses. Yes, it stings to not be loved by Davis (I understand, I’d like to be loved by everyone too!). But I want to remind you that, every year, plenty of students are admitted to other UC campuses after this initial shock. So try to calm down (here’s a cat video to help you with that).

Davis requires a waitlist statement for you to opt in, so if Davis is your first choice (first choice as in you will pick Davis over Berkeley, Irvine, UCLA, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and the other UCs), follow my waitlist statement guideline below to compose your waitlist statement (otherwise, wait for the decisions from the other UCs/colleges before you decide whether to opt in).

UC Davis Waitlist Statement Guideline

You should explain how you intend to take advantage of what Davis has to offer (such as why the campus is uniquely suited to what you want to learn or accomplish). Also explain what you bring to the table (why YOU are right for the campus). Be sure to indicate that Davis is your first choice (backed up with why) and/or you are committed to enroll if offered admission.

Here are some DYI resources (YouTube videos) I have put together to help you with your waitlist statement: Understanding How the UC Appeal and Waitlist Process Works & How to Compose Your UC Waitlist Statement.

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