Computer Science Now a Recommended “D” Course

From Computer Science Now More Than an Elective for University of California Admissions (EdSurge, February 5, 2019):

The University of California has expanded its A-G application requirements so that approved high school computer science classes can satisfy a student’s third year of laboratory science, or the category “D” requirement. (Applications to UC schools only require two years of laboratory science, but a third year is “recommended.”)

Previously, computer science fell under the elective category, or “G,” for the application requirements. That means computer science was previously recognized and could count on students’ UC applications as an elective. Now, the “D” category has been expanded to accept computer science for their third recommended year of high school lab science as well. Students still must take a traditional lab or integrated science in high school, such as biology, chemistry or physics, to count for the first two years in their application.

See here for announcement of the policy update on the UC A-G Policy Resource Guide website. Here is the email announcement UC sent out regarding the policy update.

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